What is NC-TAW PAC?

The National Coalition of Turkish American Women Political Action Committee –  NC-TAW PAC is an entity supporting Turkish Americans, particularly women, to participate in the American political system by engaging with elected officials and by running for public office.

Who can contribute to the NC-TAW PAC?

Only Green Card holders and U.S. Citizens can contribute personal funds. Business entities and non-green card-holders are prohibited by law to contribute.

How much can be contributed to the NC-TAW PAC?

Up to $5,000 per person, per year. All contributions are welcomed. ($10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500…$5,000).

What is the purpose of NC-TAW PAC?

As Turkish American women, we support legislation that advocates for gender, social, economic, and racial equality; global peace, justice, equity; and environmental stewardship.

Becoming a Supporter

Why a PAC?

Political action committees (PAC) like NC-TAW PAC are able to raise and spend money to elect and defeat political candidates throughout the United States. PACs can give $5,000 to a candidate committee per election (primary, general or special). They can also give up to $15,000 annually to any national party committee, and $5,000 annually to any other PAC.

PACs are legally established by Congress. The PAC system allows the public to know who contributes and who receives money. It is set up to establish an open, honest system by which people can come together to support or oppose candidates.

PACs have been a key part of the American political system since 1944, when the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) formed the first one to raise money for the re-election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. While there are many active Turkish American non-profits in the U.S., they are prohibited by law from supporting or becoming involved with political candidates. NC-TAW PAC is a venue that allows Turkish Americans to engage in expressing themselves through supporting political candidates who share their interests.

Due to the government restrictions on individual giving and the limited political spending any one Turkish American is capable of, one Turkish American is not able to make a significant impact through their political contributions. But by banding together to support NC-TAW PAC, the voice of Turkish Americans in the political process can be magnified, and their interests heard loud and clear by American politicians.

Who can give to a PAC?

PACs may receive contributions of up to $5,000 from any one individual, other PAC or party committee per calendar year.

Where can I contribute to NC-TAW PAC?

It is very simple, just find us online at and you can contribute through the entirely safe and secure online payment system here.

Why support NC-TAW PAC?

Support NC-TAW PAC if you want the following:

  • Encourage and support Turkish Americans, particularly women, to participate in the American political system
  • Support legislation that advocates for gender, social, economic, and racial equality, global peace, justice, equity; and environmental stewardship
  • To ensure the views of Turkish Americans are heard in the political arena
  • Opportunities to interact with friends of Turkey and Turkish Americans
  • Turkish Americans serving in public office

Help, I have more questions!

If this FAQ or our website at www.nationalcoalitiontawpac.org doesn’t answer all your questions, please feel free to contact us at nationalcoalitiontawpac@gmail.com